The Tools of War

Created in 2020, Canadian Arms and Armour aims to house textual and photographic material relating to the acquisition, use and disposal of historical Canadian military technology and fighting vehicles.

The information and images contained within these pages are presented here to not only record and disseminate Canada’s rich military material culture history, but to act as a catalyst for further study and discussion of these often overlooked parts of Canada’s not so distant past. They are by no means definitive and this site must be seen as a work in progress.

Any errors are those of the author or the historical records available at the time of research, and image credit has been provided when available. Any additions, clarifications, and corrections are welcome. 

Special thanks must go out to the assistance of Library and Archives Canada, The Directorate of History and Heritage DND, The National Film Board of Canada, The Maple Leaf Up Forum and the Canadian Military Vehicles Facebook group and their members. Lastly, special thanks go to Genevieve de Mahy for her patience in proofreading, and to all those individuals too numerous to mention here. I have endeavored to provide individual acknowledgment on specific pages whenever available. Without your help, this work would not be possible.

Jason Ginn